Blessing in Creation!

Blessing in Creation!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Blog about Nothing

It is Day 13 of the Blogathon and I have faithfully blogged and researched and blogged some more. In between blogging, I have readied kids for school, made lunches, dinners, gone to work, done laundry and other household chores, played with the parrot and cats, helped with homework, sorted through some boxes of old junk, cleaned out my closet and made a mountain of things that don't fit or are so out of style they embarrass my teenage daughter.

Tonight, I relaxed on the porch and watched my kid's mow and rake and play with the dog and horse. I had to take advantage of the one nice, dry, sunny day we have had in the NW in, well, it seems like forever! Sigh - the rain is coming back tonight and staying for another extended period of time.

So, tonight there are no clever tips or profound thoughts. I am tired and do not want to think too hard. Day 13's blog, as you can see is not about much of anything. Maybe tomorrow, maybe?

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