Blessing in Creation!

Blessing in Creation!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Frugal Fun Tip

As summer approaches, I find that my kids and I are ready to have a break. We are longing for the day we can sleep in, laze around in our PJ's all day and not have to rush out the door with backpacks and sack lunches in hand. But soon, this changes to the "I'm bored and ready to do something fun" stage.

I am always on the lookout for new fun things to do that won't cost a fortune in the process. One thing we are going to try this summer is bowling. Now I am not a huge bowling fan and have only bowled a few times in several years, but I do have some good memories of bowling adventures. I remember the awkward feel of those funny shoes the smell of the hot dogs and smelly feet, and if I close my eyes, I can picture the bowling ball curving it's way to give me that rare strike!

This summer, bowling alleys across the country are letting kids bowl two games every day for free. Yes, that's right, for free. Bowling is not a popular summer activities and so bowling alleys lose money over the summer months. They are offering the free kid's bowling in hopes that more families will come and they will enjoy a little revenue from adults and shoe rentals.

So yes, there is still a cost for shoes rental, unless you have some or can find some at at resale shop. But it cuts the cost of bowling down with only having to pay for the shoes. If you plan to bowl a lot, you may want to consider buying a pair. The bowling alleys are even offering discounted family passes for adults and friends which are quite reasonable. You can find all the details at

Now, we could just go bowling a few times and that would be fine. But being the perpetual educator that I am, I have already been thinking about how to make this fun, frugal activity a learning experience. Many thing come to mind. We can look at the history of bowling. Research where it came from and how it spread. We can look at where it is played across the world and find the countries on a map. And keeping score is great hands on math practice.

You could even have your child journal or write about the bowling experience or what they have learned. And if you bowl anything like I do, it can be a great lesson in encouragement and sportsmanship. I hope to see you at the bowling alley soon!

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