Blessing in Creation!

Blessing in Creation!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frugal Fun Tip for a Rainy Day

Summer will definitely have a few rainy days, and for us in the NW, rainy days are a common occurrence. After a few rainy days the kids are eager to go out and mom is likely just as anxious for a change of scenery. When on a budget, however, it is important to not visit places that could be too costly. One thing I have often done, especially when the kids were young is go to the local Barnes and Nobles. We would browse the books, read a few stories, and sometimes treat ourselves to hot chocolate. The kids will sometimes ask for a book, but instead of spending money on books at each visit, we would make lists of books that we could then look for at the library. This gives the added benefit of handwriting practice! And of course making a trip to the book store a special outing, places reading in the fun and sought after experiences.

Even now my daughter and I love to take trips to peruse the aisles rich with history, culture, and adventure, and spend some girl time over a hot chocolate. She never begs for me to buy her books, although she or may mention a special book she might like to have next birthday or Christmas, and she still makes a list to check for at the library.

I’ll have to admit that it is my favorite place to go when my husband and I get those rare evenings alone too!

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