Blessing in Creation!

Blessing in Creation!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Top Pick for Frugal Fun

One of the most beneficial activities you can do with your child is Read to Them. And guess what? It's Absolutely Free!

We started reading to our kids in the womb. My husband would read The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh to them each evening. We still have the book and it is still a favorite. Both kids recognized Jim's voice from infancy too. I believe it is from that early reading experience. We continued to read to them almost nightly for a decade.

When I home schooled the kids a few years ago, I started reading to them at the beginning of our school day. There is less time for regular reading now with busy school and activity schedules but we read when we can. Even now during Christmas and summer breaks, we read a book or two.

Some of the benefits of reading aloud to your child include developing their imaginations, instilling creativity and curiosity, building vocabulary and grammar skills, and encouraging family bonding. Reading increases their skills in English, as well as igniting a love for history, science, culture, and adventure.

One of my favorite memories is sitting on the recliner with a child on each arm as we read the Poppy series. We started the series while homeschooling, continued it over subsequent summers, and Amethyst just finished the series on her own after going back and reading each one herself.

I am actually looking forward to this summer and we are already picking out the books we will read. As Amethyst would say, "Reading takes you into new adventures!"

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