Blessing in Creation!

Blessing in Creation!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Countdown 5 Days of Gratitude

As the school year winds down, I have noticed that gratitude has become the major theme. We are no longer worried about perfecting the curriculum, adapting the assignments, or making the grade. As we finish up last minute things and write out teacher thank yous the focus has been on being grateful for all the hard work and time investment teachers and staff have put in to educate, Care for, and encourage students and their parents.

Looking back, it was often frustrating and difficult to work through conflicts over assignments and homework loads. But I do believe it is the heart intent of teachers and staff to do what is best for the children. And when the motives are pure, the details can be worked out to benefit both student and teacher.

Today was our last day of school and I can honestly say I am grateful to each and every teacher at the school. I'd like to throw out some of the curriculum, modify some of the teaching styles, and revamp the assignments, but I am grateful for their hearts and their service.

I may be even more grateful for the time they spent with their teachers mid summer when I hear the I'm bored mantra one too many times in the midst of unfinished chores!

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