Blessing in Creation!

Blessing in Creation!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Countdown Day 1 Finding Passion in the Finale

I have been described as passionate, focused, driven, and intense. I tend to pour everything into what I am doing.

For the past 31 days, it has been blogging! I did it - today is the last day of the blogathon!

For almost 20 years my passion has been social work. Problem is social work is a burn out field. I found that my passion kept changing. It was child welfare, then hospice, then medical social work, then elder care. As a mom, I was also passionate about parenting, educating, homeschooling, protecting. I began to question my own passion. Why was it waning, changing? Were those issues just moments of intensity, but not true passion? I discovered my true passion is research and writing. My passion encompasses all of those other things and more. With writing, I can explore all of my interests with intensity and not burn out; I can just put the project aside as I work on another.

I became a social worker because I was passionate about helping people. I am still passionate about this and know that I can pour this passion into my writing and continue to help people as I tackle the tough issues that plague our society.

What issues concern you? What do you want to see tackled?

(Note: I will not be blogging daily again until the next blogathon. But I hope to blog regularly about things that interest you, so please provide me with comments and feedback!)

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